Elena Murdoch

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Elena Murdoch
Horse trainer, Elena Murdoch works at Al Asayl. Al Asayl is one of the most unique private centres in the gulf. Located in the middle of the desert, 43 km from the center of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and in close proximity to the Emirates Highway to Dubai, it offers the ultimate in peace and tranquillity for horses.

Highly motivated and enthusiastic rider/trainer with 30 years of experience in all disciplines of horsemanship.

Educational & Training

Areas of expertise :
Managing livery, and competition yards
Riding to Medium level dressage, Grade C showjumping(1m20-25)
Turn out of competition horses to a very high standard
Coaching riders to Medium level dressage, and Grade C showjumping


Yard Manager, Tillyoch Livery and Equestrian Club, Aberdeen
Yard Manager, Tertowie Livery Stables, Aberdeen
Yard Manager, Hogholm Livery Stables, Aberdeen

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(Updated: October 28, 2014)

I'm amazed at the improvement

Our daughter has had two lessons with Elena so far this week and I'm amazed at the improvement. She'll be able to tailor lessons and costs to suit your budget. They have a range of horses to suit all abilities.

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