Randa El Zein - Life Coach

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Randa El Zein - Life Coach
Randa is an empowerment coach and founder of Be You International. She is most passionate about working with women and youth to inspire them to be themselves living a life powered by passion. She is currently developing more workshops and writing her first book. Her ultimate goal is to introduce her workshops into all schools in Abu Dhabi as she believes personal development is just as important as academic education.

Educational & Training

A certified ‘Passion Test’ facilitator for adults (USA)
A certified ‘Passion Test’ facilitator for kids & teens (USA)
Kids Coaching Connection Certified Coach (Canada)
Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ facilitator
Certified Co-active life coach (The Coaches Training Institute based in California, USA)
Student in training at Anthony Robbins Training and programs as a Strategic Interventionist (Anthony Robbins is the father of coaching in North America and is recognized as a preeminent business thinker by American Express, Accenture, and Harvard Business School Press)
Member of the International Coaches Federation
Other: Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and minor in Fine Arts (Lebanon)- Master’s Diploma in Interior & Product Design( Italy)

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(Updated: March 05, 2015)

The passion test is a great way to get clear on what is truly important

The passion test is a great way to get clear on what is truly important - what my heart longs for. Randa was great at working with me - without judgement as we went through each step of the process. She also held the importance of getting really clear on desired outcomes. I appreciated her enthusiasm and deep desire for me to have all that I want in my life. I look forward to using this information to create more passionate resonance in my life. -Page, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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(Updated: February 18, 2015)

If I want to describe it in one word, I would definitely say: ENLIGHTENING.

The passion test made everything clearer to me. It made me realize that what I thought before was an impossible dream is instead my number one passion in this life, and I WILL ACHIEVE IT..in five years according to my plan :) My dedicated coach Randa El Zein will be there of course to witness that, whom without I wouldn't be at this stage of my life; where I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, feeling satisfied and content; because I have finally paved my path in life. Rim

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(Updated: January 19, 2015)

I feel different thanks to the inspiring Randa El Zein!

'When I was younger I had many dreams, dreams in life that were so clear to me. My passions were vast and i pursued them with unstoppable energy. Then I got married and god blessed me with my children...my energy and full attention diverted to my husband and children. Somehow along the way I started getting lost. I put my personal dreams on hold so long even thou I continued learning new things here and there. One day when my kids went to school and I sat alone thinking, I was disturbed at my empty thoughts! so empty that I panicked and didn't want to think anymore and just wanted something to do. Today I feel different thanks to the inspiring Randa El Zein ! I did a 'passion test ' with her yestureday and my dreams came back crystal clear. She dug so deep and what I didn't say effected me even more than what I said. Thank you Randa and I really appreciate what you do

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